Yes! Our clothes are setting trends.

One of the side effect of the reality that we live in that we do something even when we know we shouldn't. I'm talking about that we judge people based on what they wear.Here and there you find a rare soul who has learned to look past appearance, but mostly people are gonna judge you. Unfortunately that will be happening based on how you look.

Usually it's not a big deal. But sometimes it matters. For example when you are interviewing for your dream job, or getting ready for the first date. The very first impression in situations matters. Because if it goes wrong then you will have to suffer from the consequences. 

On the other hand, style can also be fun. You can still dress to express your unique inner self and make a good impression on those who matter. You don’t have to keep up with fashion or know the latest trends . I certainly don't. What I do on the other hand is creating a brand, that can help women to look stylish and comfortable at the same time. Vibrant colors in my collections helps to stand out. Stretchy fabrics huggs body and adds the flow. In any

case scenario customer always can find something to fit their taste, color or size wise. 

Photography: Glen Jones, James Tennery and Mark Gunter

Leather bags: @Audentes_brand1

Jewelry : Maria Rodriguez @engarciajewelry

Sacramento Fashion Week 2016