Yes! Our clothes are setting trends.

Like it or not, how we look matters.

It affects how we feel and how others perceive us. Even when we don't wanna judge...well...we do. At least to an extent. We make lots of assumptions about people based on what clothes they're wearing.

Here and there you find a rare soul who has learned to look past appearance, but mostly people are gonna judge you. 

Usually it's not a big deal. But sometimes it matters. When you're interviewing for your dream job or getting ready for the first date, we know that first impressions matter. 

But being stylish doesn't have to be complicated! Style should be FUN.

You don't have to 'play by the rules'. You can dress to express your unique inner self and make a good impression on those who matter.

You don’t have to keep up with fashion or know the latest trends to look amazing, either.

I certainly don't.

I design what's timeless and chic instead. Breathable, vibrant fabrics that caress the body while flattering it will NEVER go out of style.




Photography: Glen Jones, James Tennery and Mark Gunter

Leather bags: @Audentes_brand1

Jewelry : Maria Rodriguez @engarciajewelry

Sacramento Fashion Week 2016